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Description: Badd is 189 cm tall with strong, broad shoulders and weathered skin that is almost grey. His receding hair is black fading to grey, along with his mustache and goatee. His face is large and sharp with narrowed brown eyes, reminding one of a hawk intent on prey. The default expression on his features tends to be somewhere between annoyance and suspicion, which doesn’t make him come across as friendly. Even when he gets angry or upset he doesn’t show much violent emotion and his ‘startled’ animation is one of the least dramatic in the game. When he gets angry, his eyes bulge slightly and his hand darts inside his coat to touch his mirror (or his gun). There’s also manly hair on his arms and the back of his hands. His body carries many scars from bullets, stabbings, and other injures incurred in the course of his dangerous career.

Badd has two trademark items which he keeps on his person at all times. The first is a lollipop, usually pink flavored. The lollipop’s an indicator of his mood, as he usually takes it out when he’s excited or needs to talk quickly, while most of the time he speaks slowly and deliberately as if plotting every word.

The other is a small handmirror kept in his coat pocket. Badd keeps it near his gun (sometimes fooling bystanders into thinking he’s about to shoot them when he reaches for the mirror) and frequently takes it out to eye his reflection. Under the illusion of vanity he uses the mirror to look where he can’t directly see and make sure he knows what’s going around him. It doubles as a way to completely ignore any annoying young people who are trying to bother him.

Badd speaks slowly by default, his voice a sort of gravely noir drawl. He usually sucks on his lollipop when calm and takes it out when he needs to speak quickly or passionately. His movements are also rather slow and deliberate, although he can move very quickly when he needs to.

Personality: Badd is your basic noir detective archtype. He’s a distrustful, guilt-ridden, badass loner who carries a gun and a dark past. While many admire his expertise he has no real interest in forming close relationships or being people’s friends, and when he shows softer emotions it’s only in the most restrained of ways. He’s good at getting into a criminal’s head (of course he is, he’s one himself) and hunting down his target with tenacity, but he doesn’t seem to derive a lot of personal satisfaction from the hunt itself. Badd is haunted by the guilt of his past mistakes, especially his failure of Byrne Faraday. He has a mild loathing for those in power and a burning hatred for those who abuse that power, and

The ex-detective has exactly one soft spot and her name is Byrne's daughter Kay. She’s the closest thing he has to a daughter and he cares about her more than anyone else in the world. Canonically he’s willing to kill for her and he’d probably die for her if given the chance. This does extend to some minor affection for other children, particularly ones of Kay's age, but it's not as firm as his love for his 'niece'.

While Badd could not be called a bad cop by anything other than an incredibly horrific pun, he’s willing to bend the law to achieve more noble ends. Despite his prowess as a detective (he’s passed up numerous opportunities for promotion so he can stick to detective work) Badd doesn't gain a lot of happiness from his job. He is very cynical and doesn't see the law as sufficient to achieve justice for those who consider themselves above the courts.


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